30 November 2013


Ughhh the people who think they know everything!
That is probably one of the most annoying and irritating things. Ever.
You, do not, know everything. Guess what? It's not even a shame that you don't!
I don't know everything, nobody knows everything, and you certainly don't know everything either.
You don't have to prove yourself, because nobody is trying to pinpoint your mistakes.
Assuming you have any.
Since, you know everything, doh
There are only so many things a person can be thoroughly knowledgeable about.

Planet earth revolves around the sun, didn't ya know(!)
Obviously I had a sort of frustrating day today.
And, and, I didn't do well on my Chemistry exam. Grr.
I couldn't be happier that tomorrow is Sunday. Omg.
Ah I feel better now though lol.
How was your day? Was is good? Frustrating?

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