18 November 2013

The Office

The Thankful Project's topic for yesterday was to talk about a room we are grateful for. So, here it goes!

The thankful project--thanksgiving blog challenge

 The Office in all it's glory! (Lots of books included)

So, a room I am grateful would be my mom's office (technically it's for both, my mom and dad; but mom has the bigger desk).
I do, indeed, have a desk in my room, but mom's office is warmer, and brighter. (And closer to the fridge, if you know what I mean!). Why am I grateful for The Office? Because it's getting me some pretty good marks at school, of course! (I rocked my Chemistry exam the other day).
See, but I'm not sure my mom likes it when I occupy her desk. But what can i do, even Maggie likes the place!
Maggie in the office!

And that is, basically, why I am grateful for this room (& for my mom who kindly let's me work on her desk. Most of the times).
Is there a special room you are grateful for? :]

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