24 December 2013

Life Lately...

  • I have been going to school, doing school, living school, being school..... Okay maybe not the last one, but it seems like all I do is wake up in the morning and go to school, then arrive at school, come back from school, sleep after school, wake up and go to school the next morning. See? It's a cycle that goes on forever (i.e. 5 days a week for about 9 months)
  • Except that we are on Christmas break right now. Or are we? We still had to go through 2 hours of Math today and 3 tomorrow. + we have our midterms after the break, which means....
  • I have to study for my midterms and...
  • For the SATs because I'm taking the January test
  • We had a parent-meeting at school last week and I love parent-meetings, I can't help it
  • I realized that I can solve math questions and watch movies at the same time, and this is a very helpful skill
  • I am expecting (an iPhone, not a baby you idiot) and that is dope (be jealous)
  • I have a new character besides Maggie and her name starts with a V 
  • I read The Great Gatsby 2 weeks ago, Dear Dumb Diary (which is just hilarious), and I am currently reading I Am Malala
  • School is standing in the way of my reading, rereading novels, blogging, writing, drawing, and watching TV activities
  • But I shouldn't mind it, because I am a huge believer in the power of education (it's true)
  • I've been gaining weight because a) I haven't been exercising and b) they have good unhealthy, fattening food at the school store and c) mom just baked THREE cakes (!) and finally d) people who are in grade 12 need more food (especially chocolate) than the regular person. It was scientifically proven
  • I am currently writing this blog post in a messy living room (weird, considering that my I-can-spot-a-mess-from-miles-away mom is sitting in the same room as me)
  • And that is about it
I might even have to stop blogging altogether for the next 4-5 months because of school. Which is no fun, but I need really high grades this year. (!)
How has your life been lately? :]


  1. Hey!! I just went across ur blog and i have to say that i absolutely love it. Just the fact that you're taking the time to write this especially considering how horrid this year is is inspiring. I enjoyed reading every subject of it while i was supposed to be studying physics..just whatever you do keep writing this, it deserves so much more viewers. Im looking forward to read your thoughts when we start college..you cannot imagine how much it helps me to see that i'm not the only one who considers this year the most frustrating, exhausting, and fattening year i've ever went through.
    Love, Aya ;*

    1. Ah, oh God yes! This year is so fattening! And ugly!
      It's so hard to keep up with school, SATs, tests, and blogging all at the same time. My social life barely exists anymore! (I'm sure you understand exactly what I mean though).
      And THANK YOU SO MUCH for your comment. It practically made my day and I read it over and over again!
      I hope you aced that physics exam ;) And I'm glad you enjoyed going through my blog :)
      Love you <3


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